Four Types of Divorce You Should Know

Divorce can take place in different ways. Where couples agree on sticky issues such a child custody or property division, the process is uncontested and the dissolution takes place without court interference. However, a situation where couples disagree on an amicable settlement, the divorce process is often contested, which calls for an intervention of legal experts and the court. For instance, if you are stuck in the situation, you can seek services a reliable family law lawyer Franklin TN has to offer. Each divorce case is unique and requires special attention, especially when it goes through litigation.

Learn about four different types of divorce

No-Fault divorce

This situation allows either a partner in a marriage relationship to dissolve the union when it fails to work. Before the no-fault law came into practice, there had to be a fault on at least one partner before a divorce could be filed. Faults included physical or mental assaults, desertion, or adultery. That has since changed. Today, divorce can happen because of simple reasons like incompatibility or irreconcilable differences. To know more about the situation, aggrieved parties can contact a reliable family law lawyer Franklin TN has to offer for an explanation.

Uncontested divorce

This seems to be the easiest form of divorce. The process requires no litigation, as affected couples simply agree to dissolve their relationship. The parties agree on how to divide property and on how to support children. The process is quick and easy. However, the parties involve may forfeit one or more of their rights without knowing. With limited knowledge on what the law says about some rights, such as retirement benefits or real estate income, it may be easier for a party to forfeit. To be safe, it is advisable to involve a legal expert in family law, such as a family law lawyer Franklin TN has to offer.

Simplified divorce

With only a few differences from uncontested divorce, simplified divorce happens where there is no conflict between the parties involved. It often happens in short-lived marriage relationships and no children are involved. Besides, not many marital assets are involved in this case. Even so, it is always advisable to seek services of a professional upon marriage dissolution. For example, involving reliable divorce attorneys Franklin TN has to offer can offer appropriate guidance.

Limited divorce

This is often similar to a legal separation. Some states don’t allow it. It is ideal for couples that need time to arrange their finances and other issues. In this situation, the spouses live separately without sexual relations. It lasts for a limited period before the intended divorce comes to completion. Read more on Nashville Divorce Lawyer

Divorce has been with people for a long time. Meanwhile, means of solving divorce cases continue to arise. In most cases, the intervention of a family law expert is important. If you are thinking of divorce, it is in order to engage reliable experts. For instance, hiring a family law lawyer Franklin TN has to offer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Now with the knowledge of the types of divorce, you know what to explain when you engage family lawyers Franklin has to offer.

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