Why Bathroom Cladding is Recommended: 5 Reasons

Are you tired of your dull bathroom? The bathroom is one of the significant spaces at home that must feel and look good in order to provide ease and comfort to users. It is the place to shower, tidy the body, brush teeth, shave, get comfy and relaxed.  Everybody desires for a shiny-sparkling shower/bath room. As we like to keep ourselves lovely, clean and presentable, it will be an irony to possess a dreary bathroom. Needless to say, redecorating to a new look is what we can do to this section of the house unless you are planning of moving to a new home. It is good news that Perspex provides the answer for this need.


As a replacement of using ceramic tiles, cladding is a kind of panel for walls being used for bathrooms or shower rooms. If bathroom cladding is a new idea to you, below are the reasons why most households use this thing in bath construction and renovation.

1.      It is waterproof. Bathroom cladding is the most sophisticated system when it comes to wall panels. Normally, it is made of UPVC. It is plastic thus absolutely waterproof.

2.      Multipurpose. Cladding can be a good decorative. It can be utilized in the showers and in cubicles. If you choose lighter designs and colors, they are a perfect choice for external glazing because it can render ninety percent light transmission due to its stabilized UV component.

3.      Easy to install. It is simple and easy to put up. With preparation or no preparation at all, bathroom cladding is a good decision for an interior bath and edges renovation. It can adapt to various shapes of the rooms, plus it can be placed on top of the existing tiles. It is not heavy, as well. A Perspex acrylic weighs half of the weight compared to ceramics, but it is ten times sturdier than the non-toughened glass. It will be a fast makeover for a bathroom and it will not be messy. Cladding is an exceptional item for bathroom projects because installation is easy and it can be done quickly, cleanly and with less disruption.

4.      No need of grout. As tiles will need new grouting every now and then to keep the cleanliness and shimmering appeal of the room, cladding will no longer require that. Your bathroom possesses the hygienic cladding accessories. No grout means no more moldy surfaces. The absence of grout where bacteria will populate is avoided. Plus, it will become molds free.

5.      Affordable and maintenance free. While tiles made of ceramic looks gorgeous, their costs are the highlighted disadvantage. Bathroom clads are made of UPVC yet there are vinyl or printed patterns to choose from. Covering your bathroom in a look you desire is easy and maintenance-free. It is a superb alternative that will not involve a huge chunk in your budget.

You may undertake bathroom makeover as often as you want now. Bathroom cladding is cost-effective and will grant you a good relaxing bathroom space. There are hygienic bathroom cladding accessories online for easy shopping experience. Talk to our Perspex team today for your requirements.