4 Reasons Why You Have to Learn First Aid

Think of training, and you’ll probably not think about first aid. One of the most common misconceptions is it’s just CPR. Perhaps you haven’t seen this yet: https://www.australianfirstaid.com.au/.


As you can see, first aid courses can aalready cover other areas. These include mental health, emergency training, and heart health.

The diversity of the courses is just one of the reasons to try one of them. Even more important are the following:

  1. CPR Saves Thousands of Lives

Contrary to popular belief, a sudden cardiac arrest doesn’t kill instantly. The first ten minutes, though, are going to be critical.

This is the period when the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen. Without prompt intervention, the cells die. The rest of the body follows.

Many incidents of sudden cardiac arrest happen when the patients are outside their homes. You, therefore, have the chance to help. CPR saves as many as 20,000 lives annually.

CPR involves firm compressions on the chest, and not everyone may feel comfortable doing it. In Australia, you’ll find dozens of defibrillators. First aid training can teach you how to operate them.

  1. Thousands of Accidents Can Happen at Home

According to Allianz Australia, about 33% of injuries occur at home. In fact, you and your loved ones are more likely to meet an accident here than in school or in the workplace.

These injuries can range from falling from the bunk bed to ingesting toxic substances like laundry pods.

Home injuries, especially those involving children, may need a visit to the ER. This way, doctors can suggest or provide the proper treatment.

First aid training, though, can help you buy time and improve the odds of faster healing. Check out some of the training courses you can do here: https://www.australianfirstaid.com.au/.

  1. More Workers Are Suffering from Mental Disorders

Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are far more common in the workplace than you think.

In Australia, at least 45% of people between 16 and 85 years old will develop a disorder. Around 20%, meanwhile, will experience in any given year.

Multiple factors increase the risks of mental disorders. These can include genetics, lifestyle, and workplace stress.

Either way, many workers prefer to hide their disease to avoid discrimination or the stigma that comes with the disease.

First aid training can give you an opportunity to help yourself or even a worker dealing with mental illness. Today, you can already find mental health workshops and courses: https://www.australianfirstaid.com.au/.

These types of training will teach you how to spot the signs and respond accordingly.

  1. Training Makes You a More Valuable Asset to the Business

Workplace injuries cost billions. The data from Safe Work Australia revealed it reached $61 billion from 2012 to 2013. This accounted for about 4% of the gross domestic product (GDP).

First aid training can help reduce these costs because of immediate health intervention. Workers will also learn how to practice safety standards when in hazardous sites.

Certain businesses such as schools may include these types of training as part of their qualification. If not, then they can give you an edge over other applicants.

These days, first aid training is both affordable and flexible. It runs only a few hours to weeks.

The rewards, though, are life-changing. It’s one of the investments to better yourself.