Selecting a Wedding Cinematographer

With the rustle of silk and essence of floral fragrance, the bride enters the chapel. Their eyes meet. The groom, gasps as his eyes take in the sight before him. Never before has he met with such elegance and beauty.  His bride slowly approaches him. Their eyes shine with love for one another. The bride smiles and his heart leaps with excitement.  He reaches out for her hand and gently squeezes her fingers. They will treasure this moment for the rest of their lives together. Precious moments like these are meant to last forever. This style and elegance can be captured beautifully with wedding cinematography.

wedding cinematography

There are some important considerations when deciding on who will record this memorable event for the bridal couple. They include establishing a close connection with the videographer, the couple’s personal preferences, creative aspects for the shoot and skills needed to create a memorable record for generations to come.

Weddings are incredibly personal, romantic and emotional. A special connection needs to exist between the couple and the craftsman capturing their memorable moments on film. No two ceremonies are the same. It is crucial that the bride and groom are comfortable with the particular person they choose. A skilled wedding cinematographer will make every effort to get to know the bride and groom prior to the special day. When this is done, not only are they able to create a piece of art, but a masterpiece, unique to the couple.

Personal preferences are of great importance. The bride and groom need to receive individual attention. Aspects discussed in an initial consultation include memorable places, preferences for the time of day, venue considerations and the choice of a particular style for their Vancouver wedding cinematography. Every stage in the wedding program is documented. This ensures that the craftsmen can capture the wedding in its entirety.

Creativity is at the core of every cinematographic masterpiece. Lighting is of great importance and weather conditions need to be carefully monitored. All possible situations are considered. Alternative venues and locations are noted during consultations with the bride and groom. Attention is also given to the use of props that will add to the unique style chosen by the couple for their wedding cinematography Vancouver shoot. Cinematographic styles can range from epic, classic or fun to narrative, romantic or themed. read more