What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentures

Dentures have come a long, long way from what you may remember about your grandfather’s cheap set soaking in a glass of cleaning solution. Denture technology has improved by leaps and bounds in ways that would have seemed implausible or even impossible fifteen or twenty years ago. Take a look at the dental prosthetics manufactured and provided by Designer Dentures (https://www.designerdentures.co.nz/), just as an example. They use only the highest grade of materials and latest technology available, which reflects the standard of quality that is achievable nowadays.



Cosmetic dentures are for all ages

While it is true that most cosmetic dentures are being used by older people, this is just because they have lived longer and expectedly lose more teeth. In reality, we are seeing more and more young people go to their dentists to get fitted for cosmetic dentures or dental implants. Click here Designer Dentures

Should you get cosmetic dentures or dental implants?

Trying to decide whether you should get fitted for cosmetic dentures or dental implants will depend on what you need and/or want. Both procedures are great options, but both have a few significant pros and cons:

  • Dentures are simple and easy to get and maintain.
  • Dental implants, however, are a permanent solution for those looking to restore their beautiful smile to its former glory, which may be a better option for some people.
  • The durability and functionality of dentures nowadays have greatly improved, but a set of dentures still cannot match dental implants, bite for bite. Let’s face it – a set of teeth that have been anchored into your jaw will give you more confidence when biting into a juicy steak as compared to when you’re just equipped with dentures.
  • Getting fitted for dentures is a painless process and is relatively more inexpensive when compared to other restorative or cosmetic dental procedures.
  • When you want to fix your smile, sometimes all you need is a quality set of cosmetic dentures. Modern technology has allowed reputable clinics like Designer Dentures (https://www.designerdentures.co.nz/) to make and provide dentures to their patients that mimic the look and feel of natural teeth better than ever.

The costs of getting fitted for dentures

Actual rates will depend on where you live and which clinic you go to, but generally speaking, getting fitted for partial dentures will be the cheapest option, while a full set will expectedly cost more. You may also see premium dentures being advertised, which can cost even more than a regular set of dentures. In some clinics, dentures are now available in metal, acrylic and metal alloys, all of which will affect the price.

With dental procedures being a costly affair, it’s quite a relief to see some dental clinics offering a variety of payment options on top of their high-level dental services. As a matter of fact, this is another area where quality dental clinics like Designer Dentures shine. They understand what their patients need and they make an effort to meet those needs.

If you’re a New Zealander who needs cosmetic dentistry solutions, visit this website: https://www.designerdentures.co.nz/ to see how they can help you.